Journey through the land of Toril

Barrow Of The Ogre King

A close shave with death, battling the goblins who were responisble for the raid on Loudwater

Erilon and Kitty have been recouping in Loudwater, joined by Tnarg who has also arrived from the same area, and whilst enjoying a warm glass of milk in ‘the Tankard’, they notice a new adventurer at the bar, a giant who appears to be on a guest for traces of others of his kind. Marsh, the bartender tells them to go to the woman in the knife shop opposite, who is bound to know more about such things.

Erilon yearns to avenge some evil and help out any way he can, and so tags along with the giant, to see if he can be of any assistance, and so they all leave the tavern, when suddenly a huge explosion causes a portion of the south wall of the town to collapse, and in pour a pack of goblins.

The brave adventurers stand their ground, and fend back the goblins, and only one towns-person is mortally wounded by the onslaught. The goblins appear to be on a mission to rob one of the shops, and almost succeed, if it wasn’t for the persistent efforts of the team, they might have go anyway with it. The goblin leader falls, leaving behind a satchel containing what turns out to be the stolen antique and a scroll. Luckily Erilon can read goblin, and translates the scroll. From it, they learn of a High Shamon who is after this sacred relic in order to revive an Ogre King, and when asking around, they learn a wizard called Curuvar was the one who stole the relic from the goblins in the first place.

Curuvar tells them that indeed there is a lair of goblins nearby, and gives them rough directions, and then, rallied by the promise of avenging evil things, possible treasure, fighting experience and simply a test of physical awesomeness, the party set out to rid Loudwater of the threat of the goblins, and the potential resurrection of a powerful Ogre.

They discover the Ogre’s Barrow, deep inside Southwood, and are quick to discover the trap that awaits the ill-prepared wanderers. Ishis is determined to prove himself by throwing boulders around, but doesn’t realises that he has inadvertently alarmed all the goblins below, so when they finally descend into the pit via a secret doorway, it is no surprise that the whole troops is prepared for them.

They battle their way through the goblins, and even manage to slay a few dwarf-zombies who seem to haunt this ex-dwarven kingdom, and eventually find themselves up against half-dozen extremely tough goblins. A deep chasm lies ahead, and they manage to send one goblin flying off the edge, where they hear him fall to his death, but despite the obvious danger, Erilon allows a goblin to get on the other side to him, whilst standing next to the edge. One hard push, and Erilon see’s his life flash past his eyes, as he almost shoved over a precipice down an absolutely terrifyingly fatal drop of 100ft, but luck seems to be blessing his every step, and he manages to stumble out of harms way, and learns a valuable lesson.

At the bottom of the chasm, they find the High Shamon, and although he is prepared to reason with them, Tnarg jumps at the chance to unleash his force, and storms in, along with Ishis. Erilon is more wary, and tries to establish what the goblin is up to, and why he wanted this totem back, but after the first blow is dealt, diplomacy goes straight out of the window. Kitty senses the imminent danger, and hangs back in the shadows.

After a grueling fight, the party realize how unprepared they are to tackle such a powerful shaman, and after he reigns down his fourth cloud of pain, they give up and run. Ishis is not happy to have failed, and swears to come back to finish the shaman off.


Thank goodness I saved else I would have been a flat avenger splat 100ft below

Barrow Of The Ogre King

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