Journey through the land of Toril

Erilon talks to Kitty

Whilst walking to Loudwater, Erilon thinks it wise to try to engage Kitty in some conversation, so tells her more about about his life. He tells her he has no regrets about his past, since although it was sometimes hard, it was full of experiences and lessons. For example, the sisters at the convent were harsh and beat him, but they also gave him a superb education and a sense of discipline which Erilon regards highly. Also, in his life a rent boy, some of the clients were very kind and genuine, and demonstrated compassion, so he learnt much about how to interact better with people, and how to care.

Erilon’s god is Sune, the goddess of love. He admits others find this hard to understand for an Avenger, but behind the discliplined and cool exterior of his body, is a warm affectionate spirit, so his choice of deity was clear to him.



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