Journey through the land of Toril

Menace of the Icy Spire

plus a masked ball

Snow at midsummer? Something was definitely wrong, and the residents of Loudwater knew it. But that mystery would have to wait. At the Green Tankard Tavern, the heroes are passed a message: there is to be a masked ball held by Lady Moonfire at the manor house! A burly woman at the tavern introduces herself as Megana the smith. The players ask if she can make some metal masks for the ball but she directs them to Garwan’s Curiosities for masks.

Garwan fits the players out with masks of their choosing. (Some of the adventurers are difficult to please). The players head off to the masked ball at the manor and meet Lady Moonfire. She tells them that the townsfolk are concerned about this bizarre weather, and she invites the heroes to investigate, telling them she suspects the freak weather is related to the Draigdurroch tower. She tells them that Curuvar the wizard may have more information.

The next morning the players accost Curuvar in the Green Tankard, and he tells them that the tower Lady Moonfire mentioned is encased in ice, and asks the players to go there and look for any clues that the warlock Draigdurroch may have left behind. So the adventurers head off towards the tower, through the Dire Wood.

Before reaching the tower, the players are faced by an intense blizzard, with driving wind and fierce snow. The players manage to struggle through it using their skills, and arrive near the tower, only to find themselves faced with a bunch of blue skinned goblins! Kitty tried to get a good vantage point to loose her volleys but ended up bumping into a bunch of the little blue beggers. The rest of the party came to help and eventually after a protracted skirmish defeated the frost goblins.

Approaching the tower, the heroes saw an array of statues in front of the entrance. Checking them out, they identified them as some kind of elemental guardian, and the adventurers took them out before the statues could animate and trap them.

The heroes entered the tower, smashing though the thick ice, and checked out some of the rooms on the ground floor. There was little of interest apart from some strange fireplaces. However, as they went to go up the stairs to the next floor, a bunch of ice warriors attacked! Some of the little beggers kept spawning in the fireplaces (which were actually portals to the elemental chaos) and the party had a hard time taking the masses of enemies down.

Afterwards, the party was in such bad shape they decided to take an extended rest and had a nap for a little while. They felt better after that.

Investigating the tower, and riding up a magical elavator, the players found some notes and books from the late warlock Draigdurroch. They took them to show to Curuvar.

At the top level of the tower a nasty surprise was waiting. It was the Spirit of Winter, a huge icy humanoid bound to a massive blue sapphire crystal. It was clear the spirit was bound to the crystal. After a lengthy battle, the heroes defeated the spirit and the crystal shattered. Immedaitely, the environment began to return to normal. Success!

The heroes returned to Loudwater and gave the notes they found to Curuvar, and enjoyed a well earned drink at the Green Tankard Tavern.


Eladril = Kitty

Menace of the Icy Spire

Whoops! Fixed!

Menace of the Icy Spire

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