Journey through the land of Toril

Protection Racket Broken

Damn you Narrows!

Whilst passing through the Green Tankard Tavern the heroes chanced by a group of thugs getting protection money off the innkeeper Marsh Laval. Curious, the heroes asked Laval if he wanted any help with them but he didn’t seem to like to ask. Also at that time, the wizard Curuvar popped in. He clearly wasn’t impressed with the bunch yet, but said he might be more engaging with them if they could proove themselves to him.

The heroes were a bit wary of the gang members and followed them to another shop, run by a lady called Calla. She was a bit more resistant to the gang’s veiled threats, and by this time the heroes had bucked up enough courage to ask the gangsters to leave her alone. The nasty people left and the heroes followed them. They followed them to an area by a boat, and curious as to what was going on, they hid in a cart hoping to be taken to the headquarters of this criminal ring. Unfortunately Erilon sneezed as they were hiding and they were noticed. The heroes quickly dispatched the thugs, however, and investigated a boat that was moored near the wagon, when one of the gang members ran in there.

On the boat the heroes were confused by a pulley system :P They went to the lower levels of the boat and were attacked by an assortment of rats. The rats didn’t give the heroes much trouble, but the gang member, Narrows, they were chasing, got away.

Having questioned the fellow Narrows earlier, the heroes knew where the HQ of the villains was, run by a “Lady Of Shadows”. The swiftly went there and fell foul of a acid pit as they entered. Tnarg was burnt badly by the acid and almost died but was ok in the end.

Proceeding into the main hideout, the heroes faced a whole load of rabble, and had a hard time from a nasty archer shooting them full of arrows. Narrows was there, and he went for Erilon. Erilon drew on his strength and hit Narrows with almightly whack with his huge sword, but Narrows clung to life and retaliated, almost killing poor Erilon and taking him out of the battle. Luckily the battle was almost over and Tnarg and Ishis finished Narrows, and the Lady of Shadows (a dark creeper – how did one of those get to Loudwater?). The protection racket was broken.

However the heroes noticed some message scrawled on a cage in the hideout, saying that someone was being sold as slaves to Zebros bandits, whatever that means… another mystery for another time.



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