Human Avenger


Erilon rarely speaks, preferring to show his intentions with actions. Although he doesn’t communicate much, he is wise in the ways of the world and often sits still, deep in thought. Because he has met all kinds of people he is opened minded to all ways of life and little surprises him. He is kind and gentle to people to trusts, but when angered, his savage roots show and he becomes a furious fighter. He has no hesitation in avoiding the law if it he perceives it as being for a good cause.

He is of medium height and build, with short black hair and green eyes. He likes to wear a hooded cloak.

Avengers use only cloth armour and Erilon has weapon training in great axes or fullblades.


Abandoned in the Trollbark Forest, Erilon was raised by wolves until the age of 5. He was then found by some sisters of a religious order, who took him in and taught him to speak and showed him the ways of people. They continued his education at the convent until he was 12. Because he was treated badly by the nuns and had no possessions of his own, he was very sad and ran away from the convent and lived on the streets of Baldur’s Gate, where he lived by begging. Shortly after he was found by a local pimp and was given lots of gifts and fine food for working as a rent boy. He did this until he was 18. At that point, a kind client introduced him to a secret organisation in Baldur’s Gate that trained young people in the ways of fighting using divine powers. Seeking a purpose in life, Erilon joined the order, and after a couple of years, became an avenger to help people who are in need, like he was. He now travels the world, helping the poor and destroying those who would do injustice.


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