Character History

Down the Rabbit Hole

Stumbling around some ruins in the Nentir Vale, you find an ancient portal and the resident ghost of the ruins manages to persuade you (with a sweet smile, a partially see-through nightgown), that it will take you where you need to go. On entering the portal, you are whisked away to another world, and learn a valuable lesson to never trust a ghost who chooses to wear semi transparent clothing.

(+1 perception)

Out of the Shadows

Born and bred in Amn, you know what its like to live rough. You have your wits about you and are extremely suspicious of pretty much everyone, after having witnessed many of your friends being stabbed in the back by bored assassins. Now you’re looking to get out of this dirty hole they call a city, and go make some real money.

(+1 streetwise, +1 thievery)

Character History

Journey through the land of Toril threeheadedpuppy