Barrow Of The Ogre King

After the first raid, the adventures were keen to descend straight onto the dungeon, and left the townspeople to clear up the mess, although Kitty did decided to keep the Horn Totem that the goblins stole.

Inside the barrow, the party find a few bits of treasure, including:
2 x small silver statues (1gp)
1 ruby (100gp)
3 rings (90gp)
1 x magic chainmail (Tnarg claims this)
One healing potion (Ishis takes this)
Various gold pieces, hidden here and there

Onwards the party descended into the barrow, defeating numerous goblins and zombies, but the last shamon was too much to handle, and so they retreated, but on the way out, they collected all the loot from the fallen enemies:

4 x Leather armour (20gp)
3 x Spear (3gp)
10 x Javelin (10gp)
1 x Chainmail (8gp)
3 x Battleaxe (9gp)
1 x Hexer Rod (2gp)
1 x Longsword (3gp)
1 x Longbow (6gp)
2 x Scale armour (18gp)
2 x Flail (4gp)

To facilitate the speedy getaway, after the last gruelling battle that left them pretty badly shaken up, they abandoned the shields, one set of chainmail, and some unusually heavy ropes, leaving them with a potential 83gp to split between them, if only they could find a buyer for all the goblin gear.

When they return to Loudwater, they notice that all the goblin bodies, and their gear have been removed, and can only assume that the Loudwater Town Patrol have cleared up the mess.

Garwan is happy to pay the adventurers the full 371gp in total, for the various precious bits and bobs they found, but can’t think of anyone who would want to buy such a shabby collection of goblin gear.


371 gp from treasure, sold at Garwan’s
140 gp in loose gold pieces
0 gp from goblin gear, until you find a buyer
127gp 75sp each


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